The Christmas Card Conundrum

Well hey there! What’s it been – almost two months since I’ve made an appearance here? I tell myself every year that I’m not going to let Christmas creep up on me this time, and every year, it does just that. I had grand plans for making everyone a handmade gift this year and IRead more

Learning Things

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to attend the Adobe MAX conference. Even though I use Adobe products every day (Illustrator and Photoshop, usually), I knew that there were features in the software that I didn’t know about that would allow me to work faster. *NOTE: Adobe has no idea whoRead more

Learning New Things

When I was younger, I used to drive my family absolutely crazy with my constant stream of questions. We couldn’t get through a movie on a Saturday night without me wanting to know how they made movies, how they memorized their lines, and how long they had to wear that makeup for. And don’t evenRead more


The first blog post is always so weird. Am I speaking to an audience, or just speaking to hear myself talk? Wait a minute, no one’s speaking or talking – it’s just me typing. Now I’ve made it really weird. I have started to blog about things at least a half dozen times. Sometimes I was tryingRead more