The first blog post is always so weird.

Am I speaking to an audience, or just speaking to hear myself talk? Wait a minute, no one’s speaking or talking – it’s just me typing. Now I’ve made it really weird.

I have started to blog about things at least a half dozen times. Sometimes I was trying too hard, sometimes it sounded too forced, and sometimes I just got bored. A lot of it was me trying to be something I wasn’t. I’m not a DIY guru, a successful hobby farmer, or World’s Best Mom. I’m just a designer who works in an office all day and still has some (maybe crazy) ideas that I would like to try out in the evenings or on the weekend. This is a space where I can share some of those ideas with you.

I have a few projects that I’m currently working on, like this one:



and this one:


Quite the variety, huh?

I also try to put something in my sketchbook daily:


After coming home from work, getting dinner ready, and getting the kids ready for bed, it has proven to be the only thing that helps me unwind in the evenings. It’s also the best way to get ideas out of my head to see if they’re viable enough to turn in to full-blown projects. I share quick photos of my sketchbook on Instagram, if you’d like to follow along.

With that, I would like to cordially invite you to the inner workings of my mind. I’ve heard it’s scary in there…I hope you’re up for an adventure.