Wednesday WIP 06.01.16

I have this project that’s been in my head for over a year now. In fact, as strange as it sounds, the idea came to me one night just as I was about to fall asleep. Despite dozens of attempts, I just can’t get the final result to look like the image in my head. I’veRead more

Wednesday WIP 05.18.16

Picked leeks (some people call them “ramps”, but those people are lame) are one of my most favorite things. Maybe it’s the fact that making them is a hands-on activity from the very beginning. Maybe it’s the fact that they give you breath that keeps people away for days. Whatever the reason, finding leeks inRead more

Wednesday WIP 05.11.16

Creative blocks are a real thing. And for someone like me –  someone whose livelihood depends on being creative and on my game – creative blocks can be absolutely paralyzing. Let me tell you a little bit about how the creative process goes for me: Brilliant Idea I must write this down/do a sketch immediately! TheRead more